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The Leaves / The Petals (3/4/5 Year Old Class)-
Student must be fully potty trained.

​Each child receives an unparalleled level of individual attention, to ensure success in reading, writing, math, as well as drama, music, and art while establishing a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment. By offering small group and one-on-one academic attention, Sprouting Scholars offers the best foundation in preparing your child for the elementary school years.

In this class we are getting our 4/5-year-old children ready for Kindergarten. This class offers an NC approved curriculum tailored to establish the required skills and basic knowledge necessary for success in entering the school environment.

In addition, we focus on the following curriculum:

  • LANGUAGE ARTS: using phonemic awareness, and developing cognitive skills.

  • SOCIAL STUDIES: we cover family, culture diversity, and history.

  • DRAMATIC PLAY: children are encouraged to explore their world through play and pretend.

  • MUSIC & ART: music enhancement, artistic expression, and singing.

  • S(cience)T(echnology)E(gineering)A(rts)M(ath):  is very important because these five disciplines are used in everyday activities. It promotes problem solving creative and analytical thinking. 

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