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The Seeds / Roots: (Infant Classroom : (6 Weeks - 24 Months)


Our infant / young toddler rooms are licensed for five children each, with one lead teacher. Individual attention and interaction are given to each child.

Through the day we promote basic cognitive and social skills. Their schedule makes sure that each infant’s needs are met and they are getting the appropriate activities needed during the day to help the child's developmental needs. 


Below, you will find a list of activities the infants / young toddlers will take partake in during the day.


  • Circle Time: This is the time where the children listen and learn through song, reading, and movement.  

  • Tummy Time: During this time, the infant builds head, neck, and upper body strength for when the baby is older.

  • Outdoor Play/Walk: helps the children get fresh air that's needed, helps them to become familiar with nature and the world around them and enhance opportunities for the development of a sense of wonder:( an important motivator for lifelong learning)

  • Various Equipment Activities: includes shakers, puppets, tunnels, blocks, stacking rings, rattles, and more. All of which will help with Small Muscle Development, Intellectual/Language Development, Large Muscle Development, and Social/Emotional Development.

  • Singing and Movement: This widens the children's vocabulary and helps children learn basic speech patterns through singing and movement. This also helps the children identify patterns, express emotions, and develop coordination balance and control through music.​

  • The Classroom Library: This area is supplied with picture books and soft furnishings.  The teachers use fingerplays, storytime, puppets, and stories to broaden the toddler’s language skills.  

Baby with Wooden Toy
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