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There is a $75 enrollment fee per child due at the time of enrollment. This fee is also due every August.


Before Care:                                                                                                     

Before care is open from 7:00 am-7:30 am   


6weeks - 5 Years Old:  $25 per week. Due every Monday morning at drop off. 



Full-time Rates:                                                                                                     

 6 weeks- 24 months: $195 per week or $844.35 per month   


 2 Years Old: $175 per week or $757.75 per month

 3 - 5 Years Old:  $165 per week or $714.45 per month


Part-time Rates: 

6 weeks - 5-Year-old:   3 Days: $140 per week or $606.20 per month  

6 weeks - 5-Year-old:   2 Days: $120 per week or $519.60 per month

Please Note- A 1 day per week option is offered on a space-available basis, as part-time schedules must match in order to balance Center enrollment. 

Drop in Rate for any age (6 weeks-5 years old) is $10 an hour or $70 for the day and is based on enrollment and if there is room for the day. Tuition includes all meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack)

Tuition can be paid through Zelle or the HiMama app for a small fee. Cash and checks aren't accepted.

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